10 Marketers You Should Follow Right Now

Up Your Game With These Resources

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, with lots of aspects that require continuous learning, but where does one brush up on their skills?

In this thread, I’m going to be posting some of my favorite marketers and SEOs so you can learn from the best just as I do.

I’ll be updating it frequently, so make sure you’re subscribed to receive updates.

Indexsy/Jacky Chou

One of my favorite SEOs, Jacky Chou understands the game from a ‘money making’ perspective.

He talks about SEO, rank and bank, affiliates, brands, and much more.

He’s active on Twitter but also been posting extremely valuable lessons on YouTube as well.

Jacky & James de Lacey have been pumping out great podcasts and shorts.

I also think there’s a ton of value in Jacky’s “daily” vlogs lately, where he has been dropping some absolute bombshell strategies and insights.

Follow his latest videos & podcasts about SEO, investing, and travel below.

Charles Floate

Charles is an OG SEO, and also knows the game inside-out, and is heavily involved with the scene in general.

He’s active on Twitter, posts a lot of valuable threads, where you’ll see him call out the latest bullshit, as well as dropping some banger value threads.

Charles doesn’t hold back, you’ll regularly see him give away secrets other SEOs will gatekeep.

FatJoe/Joe Davies

Joe Davies is another OG SEO that also runs a massive agency and QueryHunter.io, a content optimization tool.

Joe is a no-bullshit SEO, regularly posting threads that pack a massive punch, if you want to learn a ton about link building and content, give this man a follow.

If you want to learn about SEO overall, learn it from a guy who’s been on the front line for the last decade, that’s why I recommend this guy.

Jamie IF

Jamie is a great source of SEO education too, active on Twitter & regularly attends events among the SEOs above.

There’s few people on this list who run SaaS/apps, and affiliates, Jamie is one of them, and he’s one of the best on this list.

Extremely knowledgeable and a pretty nice guy to chat with!

Highly suggest you check out his Twitter/X!

Jaume Ross

Jaume is another great source of SEO education, his YouTube Channel is packed with extremely valuable, non-bullshit content about search.

Also regularly posting on Twitter & speaks at events.

Mike from Niche Twins

Mike is also an extremely experienced SEO and niche site runner, he runs the NicheTwins.com platform & newsletter, great sources of information.

Dustin Hyle

Dustin is a great source of knowledge if you run WordPress niche sites, his Twitter regularly posts/commentates on certain topics in SEO & affiliate marketing as well.

Kai Cromwell

Kai is an eCommerce focused SEO on Twitter, but also started posting on YouTube recently and his content is excellent.

Kasra Dash

Kasra is another great OG SEO that flew under my radar for a very long time. Recently I discovered his content and have to say I’ve learned quite a bit.

He posts on Twitter/X and regularly appears in SEO events with many of the SEOs I’ve mentioned above.


I haven’t mentioned any domainers before, Tony is worth a follow, plays the domaining game to flip domains for massive profits.

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