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Aged High Karma Reddit Accounts, Comments & Threads

Here's what to do with them..

It’s no secret, Reddit is still absolutely tearing SERPs apart, and if you run an e-commerce, SaaS, or affiliate site, it works extremely well right now.

I’ll keep it short, here’s what you can do..

DIY Method

6 months ago I made the Reddit Traffic Playbook which contains the step by step method to creating Reddit Comments & Threads that generate traffic, it contains exactly how we do it for our agency.

Step 1 is to secure yourself an aged Reddit account with high karma, this allows you to post on various subs that don’t allow fresh accounts.

Step 2 is to single out several Reddit subs in your niche, and begin commenting on fresh posts, leaving useful answers that lead back to your website by leaving a link or brand mention (specifics on how to do this are in the playbook).

Step 3 is to slowly bake in Reddit Threads that slyly promote your brand much the same way, what we usually do is present a problem as the question, and edit in our solution/answer later usually thanking the brand for such a good product, we also place several comments praising the brand in the thread.

Bonus: If you really want this to have a massive effect, you should hire a VA or small team to do this for you - using our Reddit Traffic Playbook as their blueprint.

Done For You Reddit Marketing

If you’re an established business and want us to do this for you professionally and at scale, you can also order Reddit Comments & Threads from our agency.

We do all the research necessary, and start laying out links and brand mentions that generate traffic to your site.

You can buy Comments, Threads & Aged Accounts, they’re well thought out, we’re extremely transparent with our process and offer a money back guarantee.

All you need to do is place an order below and fill the intake form and watch the Reddit traffic trickle in!

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