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Publishing 200 Articles (800k Words) With DraftHorse

Testing DraftHorse bulk publisher on my site, WhatGoesWellWith.com

I’ve been eager to test out new pSEO/bulk publishing x AI tools lately, and DraftHorse recently caught my attention.

I’ve seen a lot of people talking shit about the app, so I decided to try it myself, because through my free trial, I actually got 2 decent articles done, and wanted to try more.

I’ve been looking at BulkPublisher too, but also wanted to try something where you just uploaded all your keywords, and just have it do all the work.

The main difference between DraftHorse and BulkPublisher is that you have more control over your prompts with BulkPublisher.

With DraftHouse, it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ deal, and I’m going to show you how I created 200+ articles in record time.

By the end of this tutorial, I will show you the live website with DraftHorse content, and over the coming weeks, will update you on its search engine response, whether it worked or not, etc.

In this guide, I use SEMRush to find 200 low difficulty keywords, created a list, exported it to DraftHorse, and created 200 articles with over 800,000 words effortlessly, actually, in under an hour (all in all).

If you’ve already heard enough and want to try DraftHorse for free, get 2 articles on the house using my link.

This guide contains 2 affiliate links, I earn a small commission if you end up using SEMRush or DraftHorse.

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