Facebook Traffic Playbook

Easy way to grow your Facebook page without ads.

Doing this might actually enhance your lookalike audience ads later on, will follow up on this.

First step is to make some engagement-worthy posts on the page, informational posts & videos do very well here. 

Then.. Search for & join a bunch of Facebook Groups in your niche & area, get as close to your target audience as you can.

Now "Share" your content into the groups. 

Some posts get removed, but some posts will generate Likes on the main post. 

Finally, click on the "Likes" button & invite everyone who liked your post, to your page. 

After people join, keep posting on the page, and keep sharing posts that perform well into more groups..

From here, you'll be getting some engagements on your posts from your page's followers.

When you post content that's share-worthy, people share it and you get even more opportunities to "invite" Likers.

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