How To Find Valuable Expired Domains

This is a super simple way to find solid expired domains for your new projects or for resale.

I've posted the process on Twitter before, but this will be a more detailed rundown on the process.

I use these domains to build niche sites, use them for backlinks, or even sell them, I’ve got hundreds of them.

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  • Register at ExpiredDomains then go to Deleted .com (or whatever TLD you want) then "show filter"

The deleted domains section after you sign up, and the "Show filter" button below on the left.

  • Here, you should select:

    • Only new last 48 hours

    • Only available domains

    • Enter a keyword in "contains" (optional)

    • Domains per page (max)

    • English (optional)

    • No numbers/hyphens (optional)

In the filter section, choose "only new last 48 hours", "only available domains", and "english", you can also optionally enable/disable domains with/without numbers, hyphens and keywords.

  • Now go to Column Manager and enable CF/TF - Majestic Citation/Trust Flow

Go to Column Manager, and enable CF/TF (Majestic Citation/Trust Flow).

Now go to Expired .com and GoDaddy Expired and sift through them for 30-60 minutes every now and then.

I usually filter by DP, this is the amount of unique domains pointing to it, usually nice domains with lots of backlinks are worth looking at, also try by ABY, length, ACR, this is trial and error.

I also check for domains with high Trust Flow or Citation Flow, while these metrics aren't that popular these days, in my experience, these do filter in some nice domains.

Try "contains" different words, keywords, pretexts like best, top, etc This is where I entered "directory" to find "" for example.

Keep an eye on this every few days because domains get dropped and bought up on an hourly basis.

Once you buy one, congratulations, but what’s next?

Here’s how to build a niche site.

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