I've Changed My Mind About Koala AI 🐨

Here's How It Performed On My Latest Site

A few months ago, I tested a bunch of AI content writers for my niche sites, but never really came to any conclusions as to which ones I liked the most.

I started building a new niche site recently and thought about trying a few out again, and came across Jacky Chou from Indexsy’s YouTube video reviewing them in detail.

Jacky went through and actually scored each one, going in depth about their prices, and performance with several metrics.

I watched the video until the end and realized Koala had scored the highest out of the others mentioned, many of which I’d tried before.

I’d never given Koala AI a fair trial, but decided to grab their BCFM deal and gave it a go.

I hadn’t really had the opportunity to use it again until these past few weeks where I began building a new site.

My first impression was that Koala had improved quite a bit from when I last used it.

It had a lot more features that I’d have liked to see, but weren’t actually possible back then, most importantly this one specific feature I REALLY liked.

Rewrites are my favorite way to use AI writers because I can build a websites content quickly by just rewriting posts that already rank for my specific keywords.

I use this feature a lot on ChatGPT, but I almost always have to go through and re-edit the content to improve it.

This was not the case with Koala, at least not so far, here’s some examples of what I’ve been able to create with Koala AI, with minimal editing.

Firstly, I started with 15k credits for $9, and looked around for the articles I wanted it to rewrite (btw, get their BCFM deal for 45% off RIGHT NOW).

I tested both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 too, GPT-4 seemed to perform better at creating posts from scratch, while there wasn’t much difference between 3.5 & 4 when it came to rewrites, which made 3.5 a more economical choice.

I chose “Rewrite Blog Post” and entered the Article URL and it was able to automatically detect the H2’s and H3’s within the post, something extremely valuable when rewriting - because you want it to have the same structure.

It also chose the Targeted Keywords based on the post, in my experience this came out perfectly every time, but you can actually change it manually too.

I chose AI powered SEO next, and chose Second Person POV, another highly useful feature.

I disabled “Real Time Search Results” since this was just a simple rewrite, there’s no need to have it waste credits on that for now.

I also enabled the FAQ feature just because.

Here’s the result below, a 2,800 word article with all the H2’s & H3’s from the Original, as well as a FAQ at the end.

You can check out the article below, it reads pretty well out the box.

I’ll be posting this websites content using Koala AI and sharing the results with you over the coming months.

This is a large project and we’re putting in all the different strategies together to create our first in-house monster.

This’ll include link building, content, social media, and overall strategy, all shared on SERP Insider Pro (Upgrade for $120/yr $69/yr)

Most importantly, before we go, if you read this and want someone to do this for your site, let us do it for you.

This includes planning out a topic, doing keyword research, writing the content, and posting it on your site, you can let us do it for you so you can focus on growing your business.

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