How To Do Reddit Comments Yourself

Permanent Link Placements On Reddit

Here's one way to place links in Reddit comments without getting them removed.

Search for your target keyphrase/keyword on Google, click on the one with the Reddit modifier.

I usually go to the top comment and reply there, and respond with a useful answer, but I don't add a link yet.

After posting the comment reply, use the "Edit" feature..

..then insert my hyperlink.

Congrats, now you have a Reddit Comment with a link!

Now do it over and over and over and over again until your brand is in every top Reddit result for your kw.

There's a handful of other methods out there, all mentioned in my Reddit Traffic Playbook.

Get the Reddit Playbook & use it as a blueprint for your in-house team to scale this strategy, or hire us to do it for you!

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