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How To Save Money On Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes

Get Premium Plugins & Themes For $15/mo

I often get asked how it costs to run so many sites, and how much I'm spending on Themes and Plugins.

The truth is, I spend very little on themes and plugins because I use FestingersVault to download GPL Licensed copies of them.

Most beginners, or people who want to start multiple sites, see the price of themes and plugins alone can run into the thousands of dollars per year.

This is a quick tutorial/guide on one of my favorite platforms, I've referred this to thousands of people, all of which have loved it so far.

I'll teach you what it is, why you should use it, and how to use it, down to downloading and installing your first theme/plugin.


Starting niche sites ain't cheap, I know, but you don't necessarily have to pay for everything, if you're just starting off, this is a great option for you.

The platform I'm talking about today takes care of all of that, the owner buys the lifetime deals for each one, and offers you an almost unlimited amount of themes/plugin downloads starting at $15/mo.

Save 20% off your first order of Guest Posts, Parasite Backlinks, Reddit Backlinks, Blog Content & more with code ‘NEW’.

This is neither illegal or inherently wrong, but I feel like it's worth mentioning that, when you eventually are able to afford your own plugins and themes, pay for them, to support developers.


What is FestingerVault?

This platform lets you download 10 GPL copies of themes/plugins every day for just $15/mo, they also have their own WordPress Plugin which you can install to keep all the plugins and themes up to date, and manage them easily.

They offer over 25,000 WordPress Themes & Plugins.

These plugins are GPL (legit), the owner just buys a lifetime access subscription and shares it with you.

I highly recommend you try this platform and save yourself hundreds of dollars on plugins & themes, this is especially good for 2 major reasons:

  • Affordable - allows you to try new things.

  • Secure - everything is scammed for malware (read bottom).

Here's some premium versions of themes & plugins I recommend getting from Festinger, especially if you're just starting off.

I personally have the Lifetime plan because I know I'll be using this for years, however, with just the Riding Solo plan, you can download 10 themes/plugins per day, more than enough for most people.


Next, enter the name of the theme or plugin you want to download, you can also browse their most popular themes and plugins section.

If it doesn't load, it means they don't have it, or you haven't spelled it correctly, next you should see the page for the plugin/theme, click on Sales Page and Details/Versions section to make sure it's the correct one while you wait for the VirusTotal scan to complete.

Next, go to your WordPress Plugins > Add New

And Upload the .zip you downloaded from Festinger, click Install Now

Next, click Activate Plugin, you can then find your plugin in the "Installed Plugins" section.

It’s worth mentioning their auto-update plugin, which automatically updates all the plugins you downloaded from them.

I highly recommend this app if you build lots of sites, it’ll save you thousands of dollars in themes and plugins, and will save you months of security work if you decide to cheap out and download nulled plugins from sketchy sites.

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If you’re in the stage of building your site, check out the post below for tips on how to get the most out of WordPress without breaking the bank.


Security Footnote/Ramble

I initially found this platform because when I started off, I was using nulled themes and plugins, but got hacked, which really showed me the importance of having legit themes and plugins.

Only recently, for the second time in my 14 year stint as an internet marketer, I got hacked AGAIN, because a website I purchased had nulled themes & plugins, and without checking them myself, they infected my other sites with malware, and it was a nightmare to fix.

For that reason, I highly recommend you NEVER, EVER do it, if you don't know what that means, it's when you search for a free version of a plugin on Google, like searching for "wprocket free", will often lead you to these sites that claim to offer all the themes and plugins for free.

In my experience, these plugins aren't even broken with any malware initially, so even if you download one, and VirusTotal it, they'll often report that there is no malware in the code, however, the malware itself isn't in the code.

The plugins/themes from these nulled sites often contain backdoors, which hackers use to log into your site and install malware later on (automatically too, lol).

When I posted about this initially years ago, someone hit me up and told me about this platform they were building that combats this by offering GPL licenses, this was Festinger himself on BlackHatWorld, and from that day on, I was never hacked again, because I always got my themes and plugins from his platform.

Eventually, when I made enough money, I bought some of these for myself, including GeneratePress, WP Rocket, and a few others that were just better to own, for one reason only, because these plugins and themes have generated me hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I wanted to own an

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