SERP Insider Domain Alert #6

14 Domains You Can Buy/Bid On Right Now

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SERP Insider Domain Alert #6

I’ve found 14 fire domains this week, been looking at domains with a minimum/maximum of 1 bid, which is bringing up tons of nice auctions.

Domains For Sale

Don’t forget, I always have domains for sale on my store!

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Now, onto expired domains & auctions you can still buy right now!

Expired Domains & Auctions (Brandable/Backlinks)

Premium Domains & Auctions

  • - Dailymail, Mirror, Insider, MANY high authority local & travel backlinks

  • - 😏 


  • - 15 Authority, many tech/forum links

  • - 37 Authority, 50+ BBC links, 6 CNN, 35 DailyMail, 2 Forbes, 37 NYT, 9 Guardian.. Current bid is $9k+

Have you purchased any of these domains?

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