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Get Alerts of Domains With Backlinks From NYTimes, Forbes & CNET

I look through thousands of expired domains, auctions, and other opportunities to find valuable domains almost every day.

I regularly find domains that have:

  • Valuable backlinks I can redirect to any website

  • History in a niche, can be rebuilt or flipped

  • Brandability, names you can build or flip

What you get when you upgrade to SERP Insider Pro?

  • Domain Hunting Playbook

  • Fire Domain Alerts

Learn how to find domains with valuable links with our Domaining Playbook, and get Fire Domain Alerts whenever we find expired domains & auctions that have valuable backlinks.

Expired Domains Playbook

This is your guide to hunting down these expired domains yourself, you’ll learn everything about where to find domains, how to do your due diligence, and how to redirect them to your own site.

Domain Alerts

Some have valuable backlinks from sites like NYTimes, Forbes & CNET.

I reserve premium domains for SERP Insider Pro members, and they are emailed out as regularly as I find them.

These backlinks are insanely powerful, you can redirect them to your site or use them to build niche sites.

These are typically auctions ending within 3-7 days with few/no bids.

Upgrade to Pro & get exclusive benefits and alerts when I find domains with insane backlinks from sites like NYTimes, Forbes, CNET & more.

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