3 WordPress Sites I'm Building Right Now

How I Built Them, & How I Plan To Monetize Them

Here’s a breakdown of some of the sites I’m currently working on.

All my sites are built on WordPress, hosted on Cloudways, and tracked by Fathom, all the themes & plugins I’ve used are linked below.

Stick around for the last site because it’s going to be one of my biggest projects ever.

If you like the sites we’re building, we can build & grow one for you.


I started building this site a few months ago, while testing some AI writers.

At the time, I was building several other sites, and this was one of the sites that survived all the helpful content updates.

It posts about food pairings and recipes, and my goal is to get enough traffic to where I can monetize it with Raptive, as well as some affiliate marketing.

The Build

I built the site on WordPress, a lot of the building process, themes and plugins etc, are in the blog below, feel free to read on and visit this at the end.

The site is hosted on Cloudways as usual, this keeps the site up and running smoothely, combined with WP Rocket, I never have to worry about the site loading terribly or worse, being offline.

Cloudways is by far, in my experience, the best performing and most user friendly hosting platform, which is how I keep my sites loading extremely fast.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

I used the Caards theme too, makes it modern and sleek right out the box, I like that it has lots of built-in features like this sticky table of contents.


The site has been doing a steady 30-50 clicks per day for a while now, with traffic increasing month over month.

This site is relatively small so it hasn’t earned much yet but is showing promising signs, surviving 2-3 of Googles HCU.

The spikes at the beginning are from me posting it on freelance websites to get some work done.

The analytics above are a screenshot from Fathom, my favorite GA4 alternative.

The site has been responding extremely well on Reddit & Pinterest, where I’ve been posting content and placing links.

We’ve been using our own Reddit Comments service to place useful comments and threads with links back to our site and recipes.

I’ve been using Midjourney to generate realistic images of the food in the recipes and posting it on Pinterest.

I’ve also attempted to run a bit of ads on both Pinterest & Facebook, both of which yielded some decent result, but I haven’t had the time to chase this right now.


I put it on Ezoic and it earns anywhere from $0.10-0.30 per day.

My plan with this, is to lean into the types of content its already ranked for, and do more of that, I’m also watching my competitors for low difficulty/new trends I can capitalize on.

I’ve been acquiring and redirecting expired domains for this site - and it’s been working pretty well, our Authority Score went from 2 to 16 within 3 months.


I built this site with the goal of generating leads and traffic for gold offers for local businesses in Egypt (random, I know..).

This site did well right from the start, survived every Google HCU and kept on growing with very minimal content, so I kept it going.

The Build

I haven’t/won’t make a specific post about this site because it’s mostly in another language, but I used most of my “must have” plugins.

I’m hosting the site on Cloudways, built with WordPress, and content written by Koala AI.

The site has a few pages with gold charts, and a bunch of calculators and gold/investment related blogs in both Arabic and English.

The analytics above are a screenshot from Fathom, my favorite GA4 alternative.


This site is slowly being monetized with rank and rent and some display ads from GoldBroker.

When it reaches sufficient traffic, I’ll be monetizing it with more gold affiliates and rank and rents.

Kept it pretty simple here, acquired middle eastern expired domains, some which luckily were in the gold niche too, and it worked out for now.

I’ll continue to build links that way over time.

This is one project I’m super excited about.

Found this domain and almost lost it, but for a miracle, I ended up winning it.

I love that this domain is highly brandable, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

The Build

This site is also hosted on CloudWays & built on WordPress, with the Caards theme and the same plugins as always.

The only difference is I’m putting a bit more effort into the content from the beginning, instead of pumping out hundreds of hastily put together posts.

My goal with this site is to post content reviewing/experiencing specific cities and states, with the end goal being a regional hub for news, reviews, events, places to eat, things to do, etc.

Later on, I plan to build a media team in some cities, and actually have original content, images, and reviews, etc.

For now, it’s not monetized, I have set up some individual banner ads but I plan to get this on Raptive and do rank & rent for the reviews and events.

The site is still under construction so if you do visit and find things that need fixing, let me know, and I’ll upgrade you to SERP Insider Pro for a month.

I’m currently working on making a page with the local time, weather, miles to/from, and tags for local events, things to do, places to eat, etc.

Still haven’t figured out how to make this page pretty, but these will be bangers.

Once this site is designed perfectly and up and running, I’m going to update this page to show what we did and how things turned out.

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